Coaching Services

If your goal is to get or stay lean while getting stronger and creating a meaningful relationship with your body, there are a few ways that I can help:


Online Coaching

Don't have time in your day to make it to a gym or go out of your way to meet up for a nutrition coaching session? Online coaching may be the best fit for you. 

Get help when you need it and build a sustainable fitness routine that works with your life. I'll provide the guidance to help you build your routine into your life so you know it will stick. 

[Rate: $125-150/month]


Group Coaching (2-5 people) 

Progress toward your goals by training in a small-group setting with 1-4 other friends, family members, or colleagues who want you to succeed.

[Rate: $140-480/month]* 

*per person


Personal Training (1-1) 

Outsource the problem of coming up with your own workouts (or trying to talk yourself into just showing up) by training under the guidance of an experienced and caring coach.  

[Rate: $260-880/month]


Strategy Sessions  

Need extra help outside of the training session? We can meet up and look at what you're doing outside of the workout.

During the workout isn't the best time to be addressing the plethora of potential issues that could be holding you back from making progress. Time spent in training is best spent training. 

[Rate: $65/hour]