I help people find purpose and meaning in their training. My "fitness philosophy" is that working out/exercise is not the goal, nor is it just a means to an end.

It should be challenging but fun, and rewarding but not easy.

If you're looking for someone to get in your face and scream "HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?!" at you to temporarily motivate you to do more than you should be doing, look elsewhere. Any douchebag can yell and help foster you having an abusive relationship with your body.

That's not what I'm about.


I love the feeling that comes with knowing I’ve helped somebody overcome their own self-doubt, fears, and obstacles in order to achieve something they might not have thought possible.

When a client sends me a message, hours after our time together, telling me about how they felt so amazing after leaving a training session that they went out and did something awesome in their life outside of the gym…that is what stokes my fire.

When a client messages me on the weekend and tells me about how active they’ve been and how their back or their knees aren’t hurting anymore from activities that used to bother them…that fires me up!

When a client looks me in the eye and tells me, "You've changed my life," I know that I'm fulfilling my purpose and doing what I'm here to do.


I really connect with people who are curious and inquisitive about their own fitness.

They don’t just want to be told to do something—they want to know WHY they’re doing it, so they can apply it in their own life outside of our training sessions together.

I want to work with people who want to be empowered, not enabled.


    *Cue awkward third person autobiography*

    Simple Gains is run by Christian Ampania, a Sacramento native whose life-long love affair with fitness began with the hope of training hard enough to become a superhero.

    While he still isn’t quite able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, the drive to embody his values and bring out the best  in himself hasn’t changed.

    He is a fitness coach at the Academy Training and Performance Center, as well as a Climb instructor at Edge Studios in Sacramento. 

    Christian was voted Class Pass’ Instructor of the Year in Sacramento in 2017.


    To use fitness coaching to help clients embody the best in themselves--physically, mentally, emotionally--and become strong enough to handle whatever life demands of them.


    A world united in strength where people are equipped with the mental and physical strength and skills needed to realize their highest potential.

    Core Values

    1. Be honest about what you want, and be willing to work for it
    2. Take courageous action in the face of fear and self-doubt
    3. Ask questions that force you to think, evaluate, and learn
    4. Live up to the standards of the person you want to become
    5. Build yourself up and show others how to do the same