Simple Gains

is run by Christian Ampania, a Sacramento native whose life-long love affair with fitness began with the hope of training hard enough to become a superhero.

While he still isn’t quite able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, the drive to embody his values and bring out the best in himself hasn’t changed.

He is a Certified Online Trainer and fitness coach at the Academy Training and Performance Center in Sacramento.

Christian was voted Class Pass’ Instructor of the Year in Sacramento in 2017.

When we work together, my first commitment is to you and helping you define and reach your goals.


I help people find purpose and meaning in their training. A big part of my "fitness philosophy" is that working out/exercise is not the goal, nor is it just a means to an end.

It should be rewarding and fun, but challenging at the same time.

Helping people find their strength through fitness is my passion and purpose. I’m good at it—or at least good enough at it that my roster for in-person clients is totally booked and I have a waitlist going.

Online training allows me to make my services more accessible, and allows you to work your fitness into your life in a way that suits you best (rather than trying to work your life around your fitness).


I love the feeling that comes with knowing I’ve helped somebody overcome their own self-doubt, fears, and obstacles in order to achieve something they might not have thought possible.

When a client sends me a message telling me about how they felt so amazing after leaving a training session that they went out and did something awesome in their life outside of the gym…I’m happy.

When a client messages me on the weekend and tells me about how active they’ve been and how their back or their knees aren’t hurting after spending some time gardening…that’s a huge win for me.

When a client looks me in the eye and tells me, "You've changed my life," I know that I'm fulfilling my purpose and doing what I'm here to do.


I connect best with people who are curious and inquisitive about their fitness.

They don’t just want to be told to do something—they want to know WHY they’re doing it, so they can apply it in their own life outside of the training session.

Most of my clients are busy parents and professionals between 30-50 and aren’t trying to become the next fitness model. They just want to be in better shape, feel good, and be happy with how they look…without becoming obsessive about food or exercise.